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seemed ok for the first few days then poof. © 2005-2019 Covering business, marketing, gardening and health topics, her work has appeared in the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books, "Horse Illustrated" and many national publications. Once your plants and animals have a new home, thoroughly clean and refurbish the fish … A number of advanced freshwater hobbyists eventually decide to set up at least one saltwater fish tank. If you've decided to change your saltwater aquarium into a freshwater aquarium, give yourself plenty of time to find new homes for your saltwater fish, coral and plants. Converting saltwater to freshwater help? The freshwater "rule of thumb" for the number of fish in a tank is 1" of adult body length fish per gallon of tank water. The only fish that you can convert to saltwater is a freshwater Molly. Converting freshwater fish to saltwater. Use a brand-new sponge to scrub the interior of the empty tank with the water-and-vinegar mix. Let them air-dry overnight. Once empty, it should be thoroughly rinsed in clean fresh water (tap water will do). Never heard of it being done. You will kill all your fish. Set aside any accessories you want to keep. Fill a clean bucket with a mixture of 1 gallon of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Making room to bring 'Stripe' the Fahaka freshwater puffer out of the fishroom. How to Convert a Freshwater Tank to Saltwater. Flakes are the most common type of fish food and the easiest to use. You can find them on the eastern coast of North America.… I am no sand expert, but I would think you would want to replace the sand or at least rinse it. Empower Her. Some fish like mollies can be converted from freshwater to saltwater. 690 690. Be sure to add water conditioner for tropical fish to make sure that the pH is right and that harmful chemicals are removed from the water. What next? The aquarium should be emptied. Any accessories you want to use from the saltwater tank in the freshwater aquarium must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. If you've decided to change your saltwater aquarium into a freshwater aquarium, give yourself plenty of time to find new homes for your saltwater fish, coral and plants. Instructions for an AquaTech 20-40 Filter, How to Clean the Canister Filter in a Marineland C-360, How to Keep a Home Aquarium Clean & Water Clear. If you already have experience caring and maintaining freshwater fish, then making the transition to a saltwater fish tank can be done so without too much difficulty. Household chemicals do contain substances that are detrimental to the system. My friends' cousin is currently doing it, and apparently he said that some the fish in there is about 80% converted. Do not add any other chemicals to the diluted bleach solution. Im pretty sure you need to add some bio rings along with the foam inserts and if you choose the carbon. I'm not sure of the exact details, but it basically means that a salt water fish in fresh water will die slowly and painfully. It is Hard to Clean Saltwater Aquarium. My bigger concern would be reusing equipment and sand from a freshwater tank as is. Same with the sponge. If there were cheap ways to keep marine fish like that then everyone would be doing it. Don't ask for an easier life; Ask to be a stronger person. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Plan Your Tank. Let’s start by addressing the cost of a saltwater aquarium … It contains a wet/dry filter, protein skimmer, uv filter and "fine" gravel.It has green algae on the inside glass, stringy algae in the wet/dry and uv filters supply hoses, and salt residue on the sides of the wet/dry. Saltwater Aquarium Secrets: Can I Convert a Saltwater Tank to a Freshwater Aquarium? Can you convert a saltwater fish tank to a freshwater tank? It's a very, very, very, bad idea. Saltwater Fish Difference Salt water fish are amazingly beautiful! The previous owner kept saltwater fish in this tank. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that the liver in saltwater fish which is able to filter out the salt more efficiently than that a freshwater fish. Never thought anyone had ever tried it on chromis, damsel, clown, tang, surgeon and grouper. Converting your Freshwater Tank into a Saltwater One. Re: Converting Saltwater tank to Freshwater? Place the fish in the freshwater (FW) dip and observe closely. How Do You Keep the Cattle's Water Trough Clean? However, aside from a few minor differences, keeping a saltwater aquarium is really not that difficult as compared with a freshwater aquarium. Education First. Call me what you will but I believe this to be downright stupid! You must log in or register to reply here. Osmosis is the movement of liquid molecules through a semipermeable membrane (like the thin film inside of an egg ) from a low concentrated solute to a high concentrated solute. Saltwater fish and plants cannot survive in a freshwater aquarium. JMO. get a saltwater tank, or dont do it. For some freshwater aquarists, making the switch to a saltwater system can seem like a daunting task. Drain the tank of all saltwater and discard the filter pads and sand. Some people say that freshwater boats will die in saltwater: a boat that 'has seen salt' won't sell as quickly - myths if you ask me. Common Sense says Don't Do It!! converted it to slight brakish. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, Sarah's Aquariums: How to Convert a Saltwater Tank to a Freshwater Tank. The first thing to do is plan – planning out your ideal setup thoroughly will help the … I been wanting a bigger tank so works. Fish that can convert from fresh to salt or vice versa only can because they have evolved for one reason or another to be able to switch their osmoregulation. © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. Fill a clean bucket with a diluted bleach solution. i hope your theory doesn't kills your fish, it is possible you can convert a salt water moray eel to a brackish moray eel you tank a little bit of salt out of you tank every month(go down to every point on the sea tester once a month and until it reads 1.000) but i don't recomend full fresh water at all. i tried it, i had a salt water perch with a white spot on its body. It is advisable to clean the tank with a sponge or filter floss with water only. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Desalination has come a long way in the 2,400 years or so since people boiled salt water and collected the steam in sponges. Certain organisms can be converted. When converting to a marine aquarium, there are very few fish you can purchase for less than $10. Some saltwater fish will convert to brackish, and rarley, even to fresh, but this only works for esturine species, such as flat head, mangrove jack, estuary cod and some species of gar. I know that alot of fish can survive both fresh and salt water (like fingerfish and mullet), and have even seen trout thriving in salt water. By guest, 6 years ago on Aquarium Equipment., a division of Monster Aquaria Network, LLC. Freshwater Aquariums vs. Saltwater Aquariums, How to Set Up a Salt Bath for a Hermit Crab, Biological Filtration Systems Used in Tanks, How to Convert a Salt Fish Tank to Freshwater. You can keep the majority of the decor, depending on what it is. There are several popular fish available for about $20 or less, and there are a lot of fish in the $40 and up range. Acclimating salt-water fish to brackish or fresh water - … Replace and run the filter and lights before adding tropical fish to the freshwater aquarium. There are biological processes which allow these certain organisms to convert. Just rinse everything out in the sink real good then rinse it again in chlorine free water. Okay, Im sure outta the thousands of people here, at least ONE of you have done this before! There are a few things … Add new gravel to the tank bottom, replace the accessories, and add water. (they are my favorite eels even over the peackok eel.). Perhaps you saw a spectacular aquarium at a friend’s home or just need a new challenge to keep you interested in the hobby. When you're sure the tank and accessories are clean and well-rinsed to remove all traces of vinegar and bleach, assemble the freshwater aquarium. The fish will die much sooner than they would if they were kept in their conditions. Converting saltwater to freshwater help? So in this article I'll give you a step by step plan - based on facts, not emotions. then after a few weeks of surviving the brakish i brought it down slowly til it was pure fresh. If you are petting fish and other water species, cleaning and … he was dead. There isn't any reason why you can not turn your saltwater tank in to a freshwater. You have to really try hard to find fish in the $20-$50 range. The first owned item is, of course, the aquarium; The second is a heater; The third, the canister filter. The first step after removing living creatures from the saltwater tank is to disconnect the filter, lights and other accessories. Shape The World. Not a good idea. It's not natural and will only stress an already stressed fish. Very stupid idea. One thing that many freshwater aquarists don't initially understand is that you just can't put as many saltwater fish in a certain sized tank as you can a freshwater tank. The idea is to turn salt water fish into fresh water fish. You can't reuse sand from a saltwater tank in a freshwater aquarium. Maybe you are ready to convert from a freshwater to a saltwater aquarium. Discard the protein skimmer and use either a new filter for freshwater aquariums or a filter with new pads. They'll eventually die because of the lack of osmotic pressure (or something like that :P) and lack of salt. All Rights Reserved. For both general maintenance and breeding of discus the pH should be maintained between 5.5 and 7.0, the temperature between 83 and 86 degrees F. At a pet store I saw an orange swordtail (freshwater) be converted to saltwater and put into a saltwater tank in a matter of 5 minutes or less by slowly mixing saltwater into a bowl with the fish. Once your plants and animals have a new home, thoroughly clean and refurbish the fish tank.

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