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Makini's Mpando Mpaya has survived the battle. Birthplace Yet Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa are captured by humans, which Simba, Nala, Timon & Pumbaa believes that they are going to be killed. And while we give credit to producers and the Brand it’s only fair to give credit to everyone who have done their job to the perfection and made this franchise a success. Thurston witnesses the Mashindano in which Pua's leadership of the crocodiles is won by Makuu. Simba is now a wise king, and the ruler of the pride lands and is teaching Kovu, his future successor of how to be a king, and he also teaching Kiara of how to be a queen. Fuli asks him why he didn't go to the Outlands, and he admits to her that he was going, but did not know that way. Kevin Schonis an American actor, voice actor, producer, and energy entrepreneur whois best known for voicing Snowbell in Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild and Stuart Little: The Animated Series, Lob-Star in the Skylanders video game franchise since Skylanders: Trap Team in 2014, and Otto in the Ben 10 franchise. Thurston lands safely on Beshte's back, complimenting it as 'comfy'. He tracks … Bunga suddenly suggests a zebra, which offends Thurston. Like other zebras in the show, he is white with black stripes, and has a small tuft of black fur at the end of his tail. Kevin Schon is the voice of Timon, Chungu, and Thurston in The Lion Guard. They return and perform The Twelve Ways of Christmas with the other animals, with Thurston's herd performing for the fifth day of Christmas with 'Panic and run'. At the end of the episode, Thurston starts talking to the rock again, attempting to make friends with it. When Tamaa, the drongo, is kidnapped by Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu, he mimics Kion's voice and orders the impalas to move into the Outlands as per their orders. Ono nodded, and took to the sky. Thurston attends the Kumbuka celebration for King Simba, singing along with Rafiki to Good King Simba. Makucha has chased Ajabu all the way into the Pride Lands, trying to catch him. When they arrive in the Outlands, Thurston remembers being there from a previous encounter. He is easily spooked, cowardly, pusillanimous, and frightened, so he will run at even the slightest hint of danger. They are only settled in their grazing grounds for a short time, as Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu emerge and frighten him away. The Lion Guard notices he is still in the Outlands, although he believes he is in the Pride Lands. "We zebras will protect the Pride Lands while you're away". Cheezi and Chungu are confused when Thurston states, that they are in the Pride Lands, and Cheezi proceeds to ask for directions back to the Outlands. Cheezi and Chungu decide not to bring him to Janja, and instead leave with the intention of putting his 'advice' to good use to make Janja and Scar even more proud of them. Uroho jokes with the zebras, thanking them for taking the time not to "panic and run", which Thurston finds amusing because it's true. Thurston misunderstands and runs to his herd and states excitedly, that he is a member of the Lion Guard. Nicknames Not only had he been proving himself multiple times to be a successful hunter and predator, but the results of his many successes could be seen on his now simple amazing booty! Thurston is a character that appears in The Lion Guard. Not only was he the most competent, brave, and handsome Zebra leader of them all (At least, according to himself. 煉 #PanicAndRun See more of The Lion Guard on Facebook Thurston and the Lion Guard belongs to Disney. The Lion Guard must try to gain the assistance of Thurston the Zebra in helping to combat a tsetse fly plague, which is slowing down their efforts to rescue Jasiri and two hyena cubs, who are facing a dangerous predicament in the Thurston is drinking water with the rest of his herd until the Lion Guard approaches him with great speed and cries for him to get out of the way because a herd of buffalo is stampeding. He was previously married to Suzanne Dudley Schon. [1], He is also very bitter, easily offended, vituperative, uncomplimentary, and opprobrious when the subject turns to the edibility of his own species. [1] Before voice acting he worked at IBM for ten years, having lived three of them in Japan.[2]. Thurston is grazing with the impalas and hears him. This is most likely meant to indicate his position as lead stallion of the herd. Thurston said, before then telling them that once someone had managed to spot them they were to rapport it back to him, so that he could then personal go and report it all to the Lion Guard to take care of. He is an actor, known for The Lion Guard (2016), Doom (2016) and Skylanders: Trap Team (2014). The Lion Guard Games is a great game category that we are sure you would never miss playing it because everything that we have in here is going to make it count for yourself in all the matters all the time. Still calling, "Panic and run! Ono soon spots Thurston being beset by Cheezi, Chungu, Goigoi, Nduli, and Tamka. Thurston can be seen on a cave painting in the Lair of the Lion Guard. After Kion asks him to, Ono shows Thurston and his herd the way home, after Thurston questions how he's supposed to lead when they can't fly. Good The next morning everyone is gathered at Pride Rock and Kion comes with an announcement. Thurston appears briefly during the Kupatana event, shocked at the unexpected appearance of Reirei's Pack. S2, Ep23 6 Sep. 2018 He is the leader of his own herd. His muzzle is dark gray, almost black. Ono believes it to be the recent storm, and Thurston agrees that it likely was(after being explained what a storm actually is). Thurston begins talking with much action in the background, including the retreat of the hyenas and the saving of Jasiri, Tunu, and Wema. He proceeds to interrogate Ajabu, attempting to guess what he is. 1 Personality 2 The Lion Guard 2.1 Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots 2.2 Bunga the Wise (episode) 2.3 Eye of the Beholder (The Lion Guard)" 2.4 "Follow That Hippo!" Stream the best stories. Thurston is seen several times waiting for Ma Tembo to find the new water source. Tiifu explains that someone taught her that there's nothing to fear down here. To make matters worse, he is also rather scatterbrained and forgetful, which has even caused him to forget where he lives, requiring the Lion Guard to lead him back safely (after initially becoming confused after Ono asks them to follow him, since, as Thurston pointed out, zebras cannot fly). Simba (voiced by Matthew Broderick as adult Simba in the films, Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a cub in The Lion King, Matt Weinberg as a cub in The Lion King 1½, Cam Clarke in Timon & Pumbaa, Rob Lowe in The Lion Guard, Donald Glover in the 2019 film, JD McCrary as a cub in the 2019 film) is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, Scar's nephew, Nala's mate, and Kiara and Kion's father. The show begins, with Mwevi making a flower appear before Thurston's very eyes (which he promptly devours). He then repeats, "Panic and run!" Thurston and his herd are startled and immediately panic and run. Thurston cheers with the other animals at the victory. The herd begins running in circles, which causes Thurston to crash into Makucha. [2] Thurston firmly believes that zebras are the tastiest creature living in the Pride Lands[3], and will become very resentful and arrogant towards anyone who dares say otherwise.

Thil Meaning In Kannada, How Many Grams In A Tin Of Beans, Clark Atlanta University Track And Field Scholarships, Malcolm Craig Height, Gundam Robot Japan, Templo Mayor Facts, Epiphone Sg 400 Pro Vs Gibson Sg,

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