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“Nah, Lizzie wants me to play Among Us with her and a few others. And so you’ve been trying to keep your relationship with Corpse on the DL to avoid any stress or anxiety his way. “I shouldn’t have expected shit!” you yell and it comes out raw. Your family lived in the countryside, so you all weren’t too affected by the invasion. “I thought we were friends.”, You laugh. You wait there to clear him and once you do, you run a few circles around him to get his attention and he follows you over to the trash in storage and watches you do that. “Thank you, Amy.”. Well, you were right. i just haven’t been working on them recently and that’s on me. You stop recording when you walk into a store and put the camera into your mini backpack. You sit in your chair trying not to cry in the dark. “Okay. It makes providing armor and medical supplies easy. “How pretty you are when you sleep.” He grins. “I’ve known y/n for a long time, she’s never told a lie so long as I’ve known her.”, “That’s because she’s too good at it,” Dallas says in a snarky tone and you’ve never wanted to punch a screen more in your life. “I found her in decontamination,” Dallas says. It was fun playing with you guys. You already bought a pretty necklace for your mom with your birthstone as well as her birthstone. There are some other names too but these two are the most subscribed ones. PewDiePie Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You frown. Fans finally got to see MrBeast and PewDiePie together, in a star-studded Among Us lobby: “This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for”- MrBeast and PewDiePie as imposters in Among Us. They all _knew _about your feelings for Corpse. “You sound like spoken brown note.”. There's a couple people you recognize like Scott (Dangthatsalongname) and Kassie (Gloom), but there's a few that you don't know like Jess (Aphmau) and this one intriguing character who goes by the name of Corpse. They keep me up at night.”, You read a comment while loading up Among Us and laugh. I’m not loyal to anyone in this game. He looks down at you and you take notice of how bloodshot his eyes are and the bags under his eyes. and i am so sorry about not updating ANYTHING for like three weeks? Technically, you weren’t wrong. Everyone is. Even then you both knew he wasn’t serious. “I didn’t see anything!” you shout to no one. “Yeah, yeah. “Yeah, sure. At least not until your uncle died. “We’re just good friends.”, Mark looks at you and turns the stove off. Corpse smiles back and picks you up, bridal style, blanket and all. “This is me when I wake up, that’s what…” He cuts himself off and laughs again. At first, you thought he had changed. Just Dallas being there and in the same call as you is making you anxious and bringing up memories you don’t want to remember. Living with your boyfriend is, obviously, amazing in every way. Suddenly, there’s a body reported and you unmute yourself. You’re brought out of your thoughts when someone reports Rae’s dead body. “You went to college, right?” You’re pretty sure that’s Roomie. “You have morning breath,” you tell him when he gives you his sad eyes. Everyone else agrees and you all end up voting Jaiden out. You unmute yourself and quickly say, “It’s fucking Dallas, it’s a self-report.”, “What?” Dallas exclaims and you immediately sense the hint of anger in his tone. You take your headset off and head out of your recording room. You seem to join before Corpse because you can’t see him in the call. We did.”. He thought what you said was funny? so sorry it took so long for it to come out, i was really struggling with it halfway through. They all know you, they’d understand.”. You would ask why he doesn’t want to show you what he looks like and he replies with his fear that you might not like him anymore. skye here. But at this point, you don’t care. “And I was with Felix and Jack for the beginning and I’m pretty sure they’re cleared. “Oh my god, what do I do? “Uh, hey, didn’t you and I go to highschool together?”, You can practically hear his smirk. Corpse knows you have a crush on him. You cheer as the round ends and a blue victory screen pops up for the crewmates. “Like you were kidding when you almost got me kicked out of the house because you made me go out with you to go drinking?” you ask. You put your headset back on and eat a slice of pizza before switching the views back to you. TL;DR: i am working on my corpse things. I might get him a blanket. 3.1K. “Yeah, I get them done quick.”, “She does that,” says Lizzie, “She always gets her tasks done quick.”, “Ken is dead by the way,” says Roomie and your snort, smacking a hand over your mouth. What’s up with that, huh?”, “I’ve been following you because you’re acting sus.”, You glare at Dallas’s character on the screen, heat rushing to your face. You turn back to your task and continue to do them without any interruptions. “I know.” You lean down and give him a long, deep kiss. “And it kind of annoys me–”, But you stop as you enter O2 and watch Corpse murder Felix. “Okay, so for those of you wondering about my reaction to Dallas joining the stream is that he’s my ex. “He vented right in front of me.”. You really wish you could be there for him. “Sorry I have other friends.”, Amy laughs and sets a plate of waffles with scrambled eggs and bacon in front of you. An involuntary smile spreads across your face and your entire body overheats. “We know who you’re talking about, y/n,” PJ tells you. Shut the closet, get under the covers. You take a step back. Yeah.” You turn and see him with his hands covering his face. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. I’M SO SORRY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED. The first time you went, the senator kept poking fun at you for almost breaking attention when you all first stepped foot off of the ship. “Who died?” you ask. 12:00. Among Us But PewDiePie Goes 90,000 IQ! looks like we’re trending on twitter lol, looks like we are. Bye, y/n.”. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Uh, I gotta go. You rub your eyes. But, somehow, you’ve managed to keep it a secret from you rabid fans for the past four months. “It’s like a forty-hertz voice,” Sean says. His breathing has evened out. You blush and glance at your exploding chat and shake your head. Unique Ldshadowlady Stickers designed and sold by artists. sorry is that weird? “I was in reactor doing the simon says thing,” he answers. “What time is it?” you ask when you pull away. “Hi, Dallas,” you stutter out. Luckily, no one appeared to be near admin, so you quickly kill PJ and escape through the vent and come out through medbay. I write more fics on Wattpad (@FandomObsession418), so go check me out there. You sigh. There’s some talking, but you stay on the victory screen. “I’ve been on Naboo my entire life. “I thought you were gonna snitch on me.”, “You heard her,” teases Lizzie and you can tell she’s grinning. I hope you guys enjoyed my rats because I don’t. “Probably gets it from her mom,” Corpse mumbles and you hear a smile. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. While PewDiePie may not upload as much as he used to, he is streaming more than he ever has. Corpse is sitting in his chair getting ready to stream. makes it spookier. Pewds tends to "accidently" place Lizzie on the fire, much to his annoyance. He was your father’s brother. And how long have you known her?”, “Nevermind, I literally don’t care,” Corpse interrupts him. That seems to get him out of bed and into the bathroom while you change clothes. Sean ends up getting ejected. He smells nice. It was a little glimpse of heaven for the YouTube people group when probably the greatest names played Among Us together. He even voted for himself. You used to date him. your own Pins on Pinterest When Pewds spots Lizzie, he will chase him and try to kill him, but Lizzie will try to run away, even appearing to teleport to safety. You scoff but can’t hide the small smile creeping onto your lips. There were so many different people, as well that you came to meet. You can just barely make out his laugh from the room across from yours and you grin before doing to do your task. I invited someone new!” says Rae. “I think we know who it is, then,” says Sean, laughing. what are you recording? “No. “’ What am I going to do after this?’ I don’t know. You take a sip of your coffee while Rae starts the game. Suddenly, a song lyric pops into your head and your stomach flips. You decide to be quiet and drink from your coffee while everyone else discusses what happened. Maybe that’s why you love Corpse so much. it’s nonexistent. Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone! You remember how toxic he was. “Should’ve been more specific, baby.”. You turn back to the chat and read another comment. What’s up?”. You know who the imposter is. “I didn’t see anything.”. Corpse Husband x Reader Fanfiction. God, even the way he says your name is making you blush. lmao i woke erin up and they yelled at me again, that sucks. “The fuck are you saying about my girl?” Corpse demands. “It’s always yellow that dies first.”. “I know who killed Felix.”. “Lizzie, you saw Felix kill me and you did nothing!” Roomie yells as soon as the round ends and the imposters are revealed. See more ideas about ldshadowlady, youtubers, minecraft youtubers. “It sounds like short wave radio,” Charlie adds. She nods and doesn’t look at you. Your chat explodes again but you decide to ignore it. I’ve never met him since he lives in San Diego and I live in h/t, but yeah, I guess I do. he’s hard to shop for. If you want to be added or removed from the tag list, just ask or message me. His room is dark and doesn’t have a lot in it. “Brush your teeth and then I’ll kiss you.”. You take a moment to swallow. You mute yourself and slide up in your chair. Lizzie is the all-knowing lizard with the spirit of Stephano, and a close friend/enemy to Pewds in the game The Forest . He’s sweet and he’s caring. When no one is ejected, you mute yourself again. enjoy. But you know what? that’s freaking awesome!! “Fuck that guy, baby. i don’t want to make this too long, so here you guys go! “–was in O2,” says Jaiden and you focus back into the conversation. A few months pass since the beginning of the war, and Padmè is no longer the Queen but a senator. You see each other all the time, you get to cuddle almost all the time, and you get to see his handsome face every morning. It was a dream come true for the YouTube community when some of the biggest names played Among Us together. Yeah.” You turn around and he gazes at you. Suddenly, it occurs to you. Among Us is the latest rage in the gaming and streaming world now. He would always blow you off when you wanted to hang out and when you did hang out, he always played video games and never talked to you. I’ll stay for you.”. With me.”, “Hm. You laugh. “He has a crush on you, too.”, Your eyes widen and you scoot up in your chair. Artful dodger, easy does it. “Alright.” He drops you into the couch and turns around to turn the Xbox on. “I’ve been living with her for the past five months and she’s never lied to me about anything.”. You fight the grin on your face. What if people don’t think that you’re worth to be dating Corpse? but this year, i’m going to try and do better. “Yeah, y/n is leaving us to go see him instead.” She throws you a teasing glare. “What’s up?”, “Nothing, I was just wondering when you’re gonna be home. You suddenly don’t feel like talking too much anymore and do your stream in mostly silence. We’re touching eyeballs.”. Turn the lights off. “Well, shit, you got me there.”. You spot a black cat sitting on his table, licking at his hand. “You don’t get to come in here and talk shit about our friend,” Jack says. He doesn’t feel good. Corpse, your mind says and you open your eyes. “I’ll be sad.”, “Fuck!” you shout and slam your hand on your desk, shaking your equipment and scaring your rats. He’s never once raised his voice at you unless you were beating him in a game. I WILL BE POSTING THE CORPSE X READER VERY SOON. “Fine, you don’t get a kiss before the stream.”, “No, wait!” he shouts and grabs your hand, pulling you towards him. “Shut up,” Corpse mumbles and there are even more laughs. inbox is open, leave requests for something you’d like me to write! You run a hand through your hair and pad into the kitchen and stop at the doorway. “Pretty good. You lock her gaze and have a staring contest. How he always turned the blame on you when he did something wrong. “Am I late?” you ask, taking another drink of your coffee. You smile at him and cup his cheek. “Well, I’m kind of in the middle of Christmas shopping, so it might be a while.” You look through the button-down shirts, trying to determine which one would be best for your brother. Neither one of you move and you don’t know what to do. “In here,” he calls back and you follow his voice. You’re laying down on your bed with the lights off while scrolling through the “#y/ncalledcorpse” and the “#daddycorpse” hashtags on Twitter that are both at nearly number one in the US. “Come on, Inky, let’s leave dad to do his job, yeah?”. I wish he’d sleep, you think to yourself while brushing your teeth. You have it, Ames.”. You walk over to him and kneel next to him. What will they do?’ you wonder. just a girl in highschool who wants to be an author. x. Lizzie (Ldshadowlady) invites you to play Among Us with a couple of her friends. You’re so excited to go see him in a few hours. She shakes her head. Enjoy this live feed of my pet rats.” You giggle and switch the stream over to a view of your two rats in their cage where you have a camera set up. “RIP to Felix, though.”. You unmute yourself and Dallas says, “I think it’s y/n. “Look, I was going bankrupt and it seemed good at the time. “Uh, yeah, if you don’t mind,” you manage to stutter out and take a bite of pizza as Corpse’s player comes over and the white option becomes available. hey! “Sean, you killed Lizzie.”. “Damn, I wanted to be white.”, Your eyes widen you your stomach flips. You had met up with General Skywalker and his Captain again before a meeting. And he had never once pressured you to do something you didn’t want to do. It could be Charlie.”, “Yep. You do the rest of your wiring tasks and go out to the balcony where you notice Corpse standing out there. You unplug them, thereby disconnecting him from the stream. This video is a highlights video of the previous gaming Livestream.In this video, Jimmy plays a few Among Us matches with 9 YouTubers, one of them being PewDiePie. You take your headset off and walk out of your recording room. You exit out of the video while you wheeze and wipe the tears away from your eyes. You nod and glance at who all is in the chat. “Okay, but you didn’t have to cook me food. You have to leave soon anyway. “That’s pretty sus, Jaiden.”. love y’all x. summery: after spending a day recording with her friends, y/n is finally ready to drive over to san diego to meet corpse for the first time. But after the two of you had been dating for three months and you had been living with him for a month and a half, you begged him to let you get a cat. “No, they’re not dead. Nov 21, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Diamond Fox. I just got done streaming and I want to cuddle.”. You smile and cross your legs on your chair. You begin to cut the waffle and glance up to see Mark wrapping her arms around her from behind. You’re starting to get a little nervous and you run into the cafeteria to get away from him when he calls an emergency meeting. See more ideas about pewdiepie, youtubers, youtube. You laugh louder when you read a comment and read it aloud, “_Ironlady _says that you should be a hand model, Corpse.”. He said that they die and he doesn’t want to deal with that, which you understand. This happens two more times before you finally get a response after several agonizing minutes. He used to get so mad during video games and it seems like nothing has changed in the past few years. And it seems like he has one on you as well, but now you’re embarrassed because you called him ‘daddy’ on stream. How could he think it was funny? “We never vote on seven, right?” Toast says. Bye, y/n.”, “Bye Cor–” but then he disconnects and you’re left talking to no one. You remember him shouting at you for asking for the littlest of things to him gaslighting you and guilt-tripping you into going skinny dipping with him. Recover your password You couldn’t blame them. “Okay, fine.” You walk away from the door and across the hall into your own recording room. You don’t pay too much attention to the game until the fourth round after you and Rae lost as the imposters. Corpse laughs. You leave out the part about Dallas where he was borderline abusive. Password recovery. Currently, you’re on hour twenty of twenty-four and you’re beginning to feel the effects of not sleeping for a whole day. “Yeah,” he says and you can tell that he’s getting tired as well. Thank you so much.”. But he’s asleep. Your uncle was known to everyone, making you very well-liked in the academy. Bet you can’t mix Karlson with Among Us because you can’t ... Kawaii Lizzie. “Oh. What if people are calling you a pussy for how you reacted to Dallas? She lays down on her belly and you gently pat her. The two of you sit like that for what feels like a long time. You thought that he had actually grown up. “She brings me stuff all the time when I’m recording or streaming. You kill someone, someone reports it and you vote someone off. It’s been at least a month after the incident and you’ve talked to him every day since then. Don’t forget to drink some water and eat something.” You smile at the camera and enter decontamination with Corpse and Toast. You look at the box and your eyes widen. “Jesus, you guys are loud. “Do you want to play another round?” Marks asks. Mar 24, 2016 - Explore Corgan Miller's board "YOUTUBE", followed by 2545 people on Pinterest. You had been training hard for years, so you hoped that you could join. summary: a few weeks after the incident, y/n and corpse are best friends. “I can tell them that you’re not feeling up for it. “Thank god.” You let out a breath and go over to admin with everyone else. i’m so sorry to keep you guys waiting, but i will try to do better. You stay silent for most of the round and only say that you were in the fuel area when it was reported. Just this month, he's streamed Among Us with some of … 17:13. “It’s a lot less stressful than being imposter.”. i hope you guys enjoy the part 3! “I love you, too.” He leans in for a quick kiss. You turn back to the screen. “I’d never snitch on daddy.”. Sometimes, you considered him a closer friend than Erin, though you would never admit that out loud to anyone. He gives you a smile. We can cuddle.”. “It was even though you took all of my money,” Bob snaps. You don’t get to explore much, but it’s nice to look out the windows during your downtime and watch all of the crafts drive by and watch all of the shuttles fly out. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,” you whisper over and over, running down to storage. i’m like dan howell with my posting schedule. Now, most of you will know Corpse from his recent participation on the Among Us hype train.He is a frequent member of the famous Offline TV cum PewDiePie, Big Moist, Disguised Toast lobby. i’ve been watching jacksepticeye’s among us videos and when i heard corpse talk for the first time, i was like, “hol up” and now i’ve been obsessed with him. Your desk, monitors, and lights take up a lot of the already limited space. “Anxiety, insomnia, the usual shit.”. It had been a busy day. White or transparent. He walks out of the bathroom yawning and you walk past him to go to the bathroom. As PewDiePie went around completing tasks and … You put your hand on your camera. “I’m not,” Sean tries to say, but everyone talks over him and the voting time ends. You bite back a smile. So this is pretty awkward for me.” You break away from Sean and Felix to go do a task in the greenhouse. Why are you leaving a day early, again?”. “Why are you calling her a liar?”, Dallas stumbles on his words. “What were you thinking about?” Your own voice is a bit scratchy and rough. He’s a liar, he didn’t sleep at all, you think but keep your mouth shut and laugh. hey y/n it’s corpse. I FOUND IT YALL I WAS EDITING IT ON GRAMMARLY AND SAVED IT THERE. i will turn it into a series) so what should i call it? “Wait, PJ disconnected,” says Sean, and you all end up waiting for him to rejoin. After doing the trash there, you head down to storage, running into Corpse doing the wires in there. I’m asking you, chat.”. “I don’t know. You turn your computer off, unplug your headset, and turn your lights off. You bite your lip in the darkness and whisper. It’s no big deal.” And then she turns around and goes back to the stove. Turns out that people don’t change. “She’d never snitch on you, Corpse.”. You swallow thickly and glance at your chat. i never expected one of my works to get over 700 notes! You also quickly join the Discord chat and wince when nearly ten voices hit you at once. Amy and Mark are making breakfast together, but it looks like they’re in the middle of a mini food fight. You hadn’t noticed Corpse was in this game. No, it’s okay, I’ll be fine.” He gives you a smile. Dr Disrespect returned to streaming and has been active, and he recently hinted at teaming up with PewDiePie yet again, this time for an Among Us stream. You sniffle and he pushes away from his desk. Pewdiepie and Logic? “You creep.”, He laughs and you turn around onto your side, your back facing him. Back then, you thought that you’d never want to be part of it. You know, the one where you have to divert it somewhere else.”. Mar 18, 2015 - Explore Maisie McDaniel's board "YOUTUBE" on Pinterest. Thanks for being my ex because you made me what I am today and you’re the reason I moved to California and met the love of my life.”, You suck a deep breath in and wipe at the tears that had fallen. Okay.” You straighten up and glance over everything, making sure it’s all working properly. “That’s cold,” says Roomie as everyone else spawns back in. “He is doing the liar voice!” Felix shouts with a laugh. “Yes,” Corpse blurts out and there are a few laughs and chuckles. Is Corpse Husband Cancelled? He shouldn’t have heard you. “Dallas, I’m not the imposter. Besides, Mark was going to win anyway, he owned half of the board.” Your phone buzzes beside you on your desk and you pick it up. Any person, who has a sound idea of videography and editing concept, can be a future YouTube star. You think for just a moment about all of the texts, all of the messages, all of the DMs you’re getting about what happened. “Don’t go in there, you’ll become one. They knew. “Who?” asks almost everyone at the same time. Your side, the Republic, might have a winning chance against the droid army. “No, it’s fine. “Yeah, okay, fine.” They leave and you turn back to your stream, feeling like you’re about to cry. After making sure it’s the right size, you drape it over an arm. You laugh but smile. Bend the nightmare, you control it. You notice, however, that Dallas has been following you for most of the round. You clasp your hands behind your back and say, “[y/n] [l/n].”, “[l/n], huh?” muses the officer in charge of enlisting. “Okay, I’m leaving,” you hear Corpse say over everyone laughing. “Aw.” You can almost hear him frown and you so desperately want to hug him through the phone. “Okay, then, babe. There’s some grumbling before it’s quiet and you can hear the fire crackling faintly from their phone. Finally, he’s sleeping. i just haven’t been writing. You blink up at Corpse who is staring at the ceiling. “Babe.”. “Oh, Corpse,” you whisper to yourself. “B–because she is one.”, “Right. You were surprised since you thought you had rejected him, but either it wasn’t clear or he didn’t care. love you guys! “You should be.”, You look down at the plate and back up at her. “You’re still here, though. also, what are you doing up so late? i barely expected it to get 100. words cannot express how happy and grateful i am to have so many people enjoy it and ask for a part 2. thank you so much. Before you walk into Corpse’s recording room, you head to the living room and grab a fluffy gray blanket and wrap it around yourself. Currently, you’re on hour twenty of twenty-four and you’re beginning to feel the effects of not sleeping for a whole day. You don’t even bother to knock on the door and just walk in. “PJ killed Lizzie,” Sean retorts, flipping the blame. You were trending on Twitter with Corpse. i usually record videos at night. “That was clean.” You fake getting fuel and go back up to the upper engine. Maybe singing it will help.” You hum the first part. After brushing your teeth, you wash your face and do a little bit of makeup so you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed even though you did. Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering and voting the impostor off the ship. i’m bored and my roommate is over at their partner’s house so i’m alone and i want someone to talk to, of course, you don’t have to show your face. It was funny.”. The Impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, making for easier kills and better alibis. “I have to pee and I think my roommate ordered pizza, so we’ll be back after this short break. And the conversation always went the same way. Miraculously, no one noticed it. “Hey, man,” Corpse says. You suddenly wish that the little bean characters could hold hands. Your heart clenches and you imagine Corpse doing that to you. You walk out of the bedroom the two of you share and into the kitchen to check on your cat. You hear Corpse’s phone buzz, but the two of you ignore it. But even then, he still refuses to show you what he looks like. He pulls you in for another kiss but you lean away. What kind?” You take a short-sleeve button-down shirt and hold it up. But your small crush on him has grown drastically and you’re beginning to get a little annoyed. My girl. also, go stream his music on spotify, it’s amazing. He was protecting Queen Amidala when the separatists invaded the planet. “He was. You join the Security Forces and help protect the queen. “And I was doing wires in cafeteria,” Lizzie says. “How’s it me? You clear the two of them and you three go up to admin. “I don’t wanna play anymore,” you whisper. “Stop licking me, girl. You unmute yourself and fidget with the sleeve of your hoodie. i do like writing, it’s my passion, but sometime i get into spells where i don’t write.

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