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Spyderco's Chaparral is made with the abilities of its native cousin in mind, but also was designed to project renewal in its timeless sense of style. Overall length is 6.3” and weight is 2.0 oz. It’s a perfect super steel for a blade this focused on high octane slicing performance. The Chaparral comes with either carbon fiber, titanium or FRN scales. The “basic” Chaparral has carbon fiber laminated G10 handles and a 2.5 ounce weight for a pretty reasonable $125. The Spyderco Chaparral is also a very popular design from Spyderco, and again, it uses very high quality materials… The blade steel on the Chaparral is CTS XHP. Fallkniven FN26 – U1 SLIPJOINT FOLDER $ 189.00. I have had this exact model Chaparral for about six months now and it has been my office/suit knife (occasionally ousted by my Alox Cadet). Tony Sculimbrene 09.27.17. Last week, I had a chance to handle one at a brick and mortar shop and could not resist to get it. The Spyderco Chaparral's namesake is a native shrub of the Western United States with the awesome ability to renew itself after being destroyed by lack of water or exposure to fire, again and again. Required fields are marked *. As perhaps the best exemplar of the skill of Spyderco’s Taichung OEM, the Chaparral series has been marked by superlative build quality and the FRN Chap is no different. I can get away with clipping this knife to a pair of dark slacks if I want to and most people wouldn’t give the clip a second thought. The specs Here is a side by side look at 3 carbon fiber Spydercos: a Delica, sprint run Walker, and the new Chaparral. Spyderco Chaparral Lockback Knife Gray FRN XHP Stainless C152PGY Pocket Knives. The Spyder-Co Chaparral Carbon Fiber Knife is made with a CPM S30V powdered steel and is ground full-flat and offers the best available cutting performance with non-skid jimping located at both the spine and choil. Yes the lockbar is a little sharp – just like the Spydie hole. Zero Tolerance 0707 Folding Knife Carbon Fiber Ti CPM-20CV Blade - ZT Dealer. This wouldn’t be my first choice to pry open an ammo crate, but its a great choice for cutting stuff. The knife sports slim gray FRN scales with grip-enhancing Bi-Directional Texturing over nested, skeletonized stainless liners to ensure excellent structural strength. Pro-Tech recently put out the first new batch of the Harkins ATAC dual action autos in years. In terms of size, the Chaparral falls between the Dragonfly 2 and the Delica 4. Spyderco Chaparral Lightweight C152PGY, 2.8 in CTS XHP Plain Blade, Gray FRN Handle The newest addition to Spyderco's unique Chaparral series of gentlemen's folding knives, the Chaparral Lightweight offers the same design theme and functionality as its brothers, but with a simple, reliable, and affordable injection molded handle. The Chaparral showcases Spyderco’s superior manufacturing techniques, whether it be the carbon fiber model or another lightweight synthetic like their Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon (FRN). BNIB Spyderco Slysz Techno 2 CTS-XHP C158TIP2 - … I recently purchased Spyderco Chaparral FRN lightweight model. The handle is unassuming yet receptive. But the action of my Sage had gotten pretty stiff. Your email address will not be published. [BLACK FRIDAY] Spyderco Chaparral Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate — Plain Edge. For my needs the Chaparral is plenty of knife, but I love the smooth action of the Sage and the convenience of a liner lock. I wonder what color the scales are? The Chaparral has a blade length of 2.8”, with a cutting edge of 2.2”. Thank you very much. Technical Specs . It shares many similarities to my beloved Sage 1: The profile is near identical, both knives have faux carbon fiber scales and a wire pocket clip, and both made in Taichung Taiwan. BNIB Spyderco Ikuchi CQI Compression Lock C242CFP - $126 shipped Timestamp. 5,137. Here’s to many more. I’m sure you could take it apart and smooth the edges of the lock bar – a bit of work with a file followed by “shoe shine” style work with some sandpaper… somewhat time consuming, but cheap and easy! Double Helix Voted Most Innovative New Knife 2018, Sal Glesser Shares a Piece of Spyderco History on the Forum, 3rd Annual Readers’ Choice Awards Poll: Vote for Your Favorite Knives of 2020, ESEE Expands S35VN Lineup to Include Model 4. This Chaparral lockback knife is an ultra-lightweight addition to Spyderco's popular gentlemen's folding knife series. The differences are small. The action is smoother than it ever was. Chaparral Carbon Fiber Chaparral Lightweight Caly 3.5 Centofante 3 Paysan Model C152CFP C152PGY C144CFPE C66 C238TIP Steel CTS XHP CTS XHP ZDP-189 VG-10 CPM S90V Lock Back Back Back Back R.I.L. It features FRN scales, strong stainless liners, and a CTS-XHP stainless steel blade. Close. I really love the look of this knife, but I can’t stand back locks. Now that I cleaned it out the knife is just uber smooth, and the blade pretty much falls shut on its own after releasing the liner lock. We are pleased to announce that the Spyderco Chaparral FRN is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Manual Folder 2018. Spyderco also offers the Chaparral in a couple titanium handled variants. to get more opinions from those owning both. Not the biggest concern, as I said I love this knife. I have to say though, the wire pocket clips seriously suck. The first run sported a laminated G10/carbon fiber. Quick view. A high quality knife will come back together just as easily as it comes apart. The switch to FRN appears basic, but it offers major benefits. It had been in my wish list, but I had not been able to pull the trigger for a long time. Underneath the scale there a couple hidden screws and even an internal stop pin – interesting construction for a lockback knife. Free shipping . My first one lasted about a week and the second not much longer. Spyderco has made a name for themselves designing “little big knives” so I am not surprised that the ergos are on point. He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. Thank you, Andrew. The S30V on my Sage 1 can be a little stubborn to get super sharp, so I think the upgrade to CTS-XHP was a smart one. The liners have been skelotonized to keep the weight down. A bit heavier in Titanium. BNIB Spyderco Chaparral Raffir Noble CTS-XHP C152RNP - $128 shipped Timestamp. This is a relatively thin piece of stock that has been ground even thinner. Great value too at just around $100. Attached to the ultra-slim handle is a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip that conveniently arranges the knife deeply inside a pocket. Finally, and most importantly, the switch to simple but effective plastic results in a major price drop: the Chaparral FRN hits an incredibly desirable sub-$100 price point, reaching almost Delica/Endura levels of value. Best Tactical Knives The switch to FRN appears basic, but it offers major benefits. This blade shape has proven itself to me many times over, but what I especially like about the Chaparral’s blade is the 2mm thick blade. It's super lightweight FRN scales, premium CTS-XHP blade steel, along with a low price make it an incredible value. I personally prefer the FRN model, it is cheaper, lighter, grippy and hard wearing. The Chaparral is made in Taichung, Taiwan. Next to my Spyderco Sage 1, with its 3″ blade, the Chaparral is significantly smaller in every dimension. Dragonfly is definitely the more popular and commonly found. I recommend buying the Chaparral at Amazon or BladeHQ. The ESEE 4 will be made available in S35VN, just like the Xancudo fixed blade... Benchmade 202 Leuku Voted Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2020, Mora Eldris LightDuty Voted Best New EDC Fixed Blade 2020, Spyderco Nightstick Voted Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2020. This knife is imminently pocketable and works just as well with jeans and a t-shirt or slacks and a tie. The Chaparral is one of Spyderco’s thinnest, lightest mid-sized CLIPIT folders. Spyderco Chaparral. Which leads me to today’s topic of conversation, the Spyderco Chaparral. Spyderco Chaparral Lockback Knife Gray FRN XHP Stainless C152PGY Pocket Knives. Possibly Spyderco’s thinnest, lightest mid-sized CLIPIT yet. The blade opens with Spyderco's signature round thumb hole, and locks with a back lock. Small, slim, well made and carefully designed, the Chaparral is a sleeper EDC knife that straddles the gap between Dragonfly and Spyderco’s 3″ bladed offerings (of which there are several). Quick view. Free shipping. Last one. As I’ve matured I have grown to appreciate a smaller knife for my kind of EDC needs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Skip to main content. I recently took apart my Spyderco Sage 1. Really glad that I bought this knife! This post contains affiliate links. Spyderco set this knife up to accommodate ambidextrous tip up carry, and I think that is a nice compromise between form and function. Personally I purchased the Chapparal as a user, and had no problem with faux carbon fiber, but I want to acknowledge the fact that other more expensive versions of the knife do exist. I think the Chaparral is a great little knife. It’s nice that the knife is fully ambidextrous as well. Spyderco delivered a truly premium blade at a value-oriented price point. The handle of the Chaparral is faux carbon fiber over full stainless steel liners. Add to cart. Product DescriptionThe linerless scales of this knife are meticulously machined from solid carbon fiber to create a beautiful sunburst pattern that also offers a subtle non-slip texture. They obsessively work on existing designs, pushing them in new directions with series of small changes and tweaks: a new curve to the handle here, an experimental new steel there. I agree, would be nice if there was a way to soften that a little. $95.91. The difference is because FRN is lighter than Raffir Noble. Description . Best High Value Knives. Filed Under: EDC Knives, Folding Knives, Spyderco Tagged With: carbon fiber, cts-xhp, lockback, Sal Glesser. A new scale texturing makes its debut on this model and is highly effective, providing traction without damaging your pocket or roughing up your fingers. The “50/50″ choil accepts the forefinger without issue and affords a very comfortable grip for an under 3” blade. This clip is discrete and it buries the Chaparral deeply. Fit and Finish: 2. Add to cart. Nov 6, 2017 #20. It has good edge retention, and decent corrosion resistance, but it’s surprisingly easy to sharpen and takes a very fine edge. Last one . Free shipping. I am glad to hear you are enjoying yours after several years of carry. $140.00. Is it the “perfect EDC knife”? We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. The footprint of the knife is very small, and with a total weight under 2.5 ounces, it is one of the easiest knives to carry and use in any situation. The ATAC, designed by legendary custom maker J.A. The Benchmade 202 Leuku is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2020! This is a nice steel and I am glad Spyderco is rolling it out on more products. I love mine, the Chaparral is a great knife. Spyderco’s unique Chaparral series of gentlemen’s folding knives expresses the same basic design platform with a variety of unique handle materials and treatments. Monday, November 26: Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2018 (WINNER: ZU Bladeworx Shrapnel), Tuesday, November 27: Best New Fixed Blade for EDC 2018 (WINNER: TOPS Little Bugger), Wednesday, November 28: Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2018 (WINNER: Benchmade 200 Puukko), Thursday, November 29: Best Knife Upgrade 2018 (WINNER: Ontario RAT 2 in D2), Friday, November 30: Best New Slipjoint/Non-Locking Knife 2018 (WINNER: Isham Bladeworks Blackstar), Monday, December 3: Best New High-End Knife 2018 (MSRP of $300 or more) (WINNER: Zero Tolerance 0470), Tuesday, December 4: Best New Value Folder 2018 (MSRP of $100 or less) (WINNER: CIVIVI Baklash), Wednesday, December 5: Best New Manual Folder 2018 (WINNER: Spyderco Chaparral FRN), Thursday, December 6: Most Innovative New Knife 2018 (WINNER: WE Knife Co. First, there’s the weight savings: the FRN Chap weighs about half an ounce less than the carbon fiber model. The scales are attached either side of a steel liner (rather than forming the frame like some cheaper Spyderco knives). Whether the knife is “perfect” or not is debatable, but I have really enjoyed the Sage and it has remained in my collection for years now. Could the Chaparral usurp my fabled Sage 1 as best and brightest? Add to bag [BLACK FRIDAY] Spyderco Chaparral Raffir Noble — Plain Edge. They say that a good way to measure the quality of a production knife is to take it apart and then put it back together. $95.91. Amazon.com: spyderco chaparral - 1 Star & Up. This, my friends, is still an excellent knife. DocT. I love this little knife the only small complaint I have is that I wish the lock bar was smoothed out – the straight thin metal can start to hurt after awhile if I have been opening and closing the knife a lot. It has about .4” more cutting edge than a DF2 – enough to boost it into wider cutting capabilities – and compared to the Delica it’s more compact… Subscribe Dan is the creator of BladeReviews.com. This debut Chaparral has a carbon fiber handle with a mid-positioned back lock and screw-together construction. $225.00 + shipping . Also if you look down on the top of the closed knife, you will see the blade runs very close to both ends of the handle, the blade length to handle is amazing, almost Dragonfly sized when closed, almost Sage like opened. I may be a bit biased because I enjoy my Sage 1 so much, but the Chaparral seems to tick a lot of boxes for me. Best Survival Knives Fit and finish of the handle is very tight, like all of the other Taichung Taiwan Spydercos that I have examined, with crisp lines, a flush backspacer, and polished steel. This is a proven clip design. Still a favorite EDC carry after several years, excellent slicer, perhaps my favourite grip for a smaller hand (remarkably similar profile to my Strider PT CC), beautiful fit/finish, more pocketable than Sage 1 and highly recommended!! Spyderco Chaparral Lockback Folding Blade Solid Titanium Handle Knife 152STIP. You might have to poll dedicated Spyderco fans (bladeforums Spyderco subforum, Spyderco forums, etc.) Possibly Spyderco's thinnest, lightest mid-sized CLIPIT® yet, the debut Chaparral has a carbon fiber/G-10 laminate handle with a mid-positioned back lock and screw-together construction. It is sharp and catches the thumb easily. 2 in stock. Add to bag [BLACK FRIDAY] Spyderco Chaparral Gray FRN — Plain Edge. Having owned both the Sage 1 and this Chaparral I personally prefer the size of Chaparral for office use. It could be, depending on who you are and what your preferences are. Of course you also have different steel and different locking mechanisms, but in many ways the Chapparal can be seen as sort of a mini Sage 1. The new Chap took the big prize in a category crowded with contenders, including the Benchmade Mini Crooked River, Zero Tolerance 0640, and the Three Rivers Manufacturing Neutron. And keep in mind, the handle material is different but the steel is not. The Chaparral remains an awesome EDC option for the reasons you described (among many more). $71.49 $137.00 . Handle Material Carbon Fiber/G-10 Laminate FRN Carbon Fiber FRN Titanium Carry Tip-Up Ambi Tip-Up Ambi Tip-Up Ambi Tip-Up/ Down Right Tip-Up Right Series Could the concept of the “perfect EDC” be a moving target? The blade is a classic Spyderco leaf shape, complete with full flat grind. Spyderco C152PGY Chaparral This newest member of the Spyderco Chaparral family might be the ideal EDC knife. Spyderco Chaparral FRN quantity. The rumor is that the FRN Chaparral will come in at less than $100. The carbon fiber has a quilted feel, providing just enough texture. Is it “better” than my Sage 1? Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to comment. I have sung praises about the Sage 1 for years now, even going so far as to call it the “perfect EDC knife”. This Knife from SpyderCo has a carbon-fiber handle with a mid-positioned back lock and screw-together construction. Chaparral™ FRN Gray C152GY OUT OF STOCK $137.00 MSRP. $107.49 $204.00 . I thought that was the metal losing its spring tension for some reason, but it turns out that all I needed to do was tighten down the pocket clip screw. The Chaparral FRN is in-house at Spyderco according to Sal. I have had some experience with CTS-XHP with my Spyderco Domino which oddly enough was the last Spyderco knife I have reviewed. Apparently these originally come in S30V, which is what my Sage 1 is equipped with. There is plenty of room here to get work done and the ergonomics of the Chaparral are as thoughtful and refined as you would expect from any other knife designed by Sal Glesser. Last Updated: September 28, 2017 Try Prime All Not a bad idea at all if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. The Chaparral series has particularly benefited from this approach over the years; one of the core ideas of the line was to offer a platform to experiment with handle materials. One to Watch: Spyderco Chaparral in FRN. A new scale texturing makes its debut on this model and is highly effective, providing traction without damaging your pocket or roughing up your fingers. BNIB Spyderco Chaparral FRN CTS-XHP C152PGY - $88 shipped Timestamp. The Chapparal is about an inch shorter in overall length, but the blade is less than a quarter of an inch shorter. I noticed the clip on my Sage 1 loosen over time. I can’t find much to fault with this one; certainly not the performance. Both are worthy buys, and I don’t think the Sage 1 is ever leaving my collection. It should come as no surprise that the Chaparral features a thumb hole. It just feels stronger and more substantial, and it’s extremely comfortable in your hand… Last, I just like the way the Chaparral looks over the Dragonfly (even though I do like the Dragonfly as well). This is similar in concept to the tri-ad lock Cold Steel uses, and it makes for a very solid lockup. Spyderco Delica 4 Emerson Opener C11PGYW Folding Knife, 2.906" Plain Edge Blade, Gray FRN Handle $135.00 $94.50 Spyderco Chaparral C152CFP Folding Knife, 2.812" Plain Edge Blade, Black Carbon Fiber and G-10 Laminate Handle $200.00 $140.00

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