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"The River of Patience" is the sixty-seventh episode of the Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard. The Lake of Reflection. He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. Rani and Kiara are on good terms. lion guard season 4 by sc4rt 327 13 4 this story takes place after kion becomes king of the tree of life .with rani by his side he has to rule the tree of life. This page or article is all Clear! 495. Rani hates Ora since he doesn't respect the Circle of Life. The Lion Guard Friends To The End (Danish) - Duration: 2:29. She is the leader of the Night Pride and at the end of the series she and Kion unite as mates and become the King and Queen of the Night Pride. The Tree of Life. Kiara responded: "Me and Rani are mates?" I'm mostly hoping for The Lion King 3 or 4 how ever I just want to see more with Kion X Rani I really love that ship and let's also get a compleatly new plot not other remake there has been enough of those The Lion Guard Season 3 - Kion and Rani song (of the same pride) Part 1 (Dansk) Univers Disney Parks. Rani, Cheezi and Chungu are on good terms. Let’s get to 500! September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 13, 2019. It premiered on October 13, 2019. Poa the Destroyer. They both were hugging each other and holding hands before Kion asked "hey, how's it going?" The Lion Guard must align with an unlikely ally when a powerful dust storm called a "Harmattan" slows their search to find the Tree of Life. This same brown fur collars her neck. Season Three. Species: lion Character Information Kion is the main protagonist of the show, The Lion Guard. We need to know more about Kion and Rani's relationship. After the ceremony, Kion introduces His Family To Rani. Rani and Kovu are on good terms. There will be a new villain(s) for season 1, a cobra. This can be seen in the following things that she did for her: It was the help of her friends and family that led her to finding the self-assurance that she was ready, certain about that her grandmother was watching over her, stating Janna had been right that she (Rani) … Ford Riley has confirmed that season 3 would have a double-length opener special plus 18 episodes. The back of her legs contain dark … On March 15th, 2017, it was announced that The Lion Guard will be renewed for a third season.On January 9th 2018, a video surfaced showing a new lioness named Rani who would be appearing in Season 3.Ford Riley has confirmed that season 3 would have a double-length opener special plus 18 episodes. The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. Kion and Rani’s friendship has blossomed into romance as the two lions realise how well they work together. Makini is a young, dainty mandrill with grey fur covering her body with a pale gray underbelly. It is sung by Rani and Kion when they fall in love for each other, and perfomed by Lana McKissack and Aaron Daniel Jacob. Rani and Rafiki are on good terms since her grandmother, Janna, knew Rafiki. Soon after, Rani begins to show signs that she's fallen in love with Kion. Rani and the elephants are on good terms. 8. This is my idea of season 4 lion guard. Rani hates Mama Binturong. September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 19, 2019. Though visibly disappointed, Rani accepted Kion's decision to leave, understanding that his home was in danger and that the guard had a duty to protect it. Before Kion left, Rani tells him she meant what she told him and later tells Makini that maybe the roar will return to the Tree of Life again someday. AMV of Kion and Rani's Love Song Of the Same Pride Full song + Lyrics on screen [4], On 11th March 2019, Mercury Filmworks announced that animation on the show had been finished. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Song 4 Trivia At the Tree of Life, Rani leads the Lion Guard to get inside the Tree of Life. Of The Same Pride Lyrics Rani: How are we so different Her hands, feet, and muzzle are pink. After the funeral, the two of them grew much closer as they opened up about their own personal doubts and worries, while also encouraging one another. S3, Ep19. Rani helps him with Beshte and explains that Beshte isn't the bad guy. Featured In: "The Lion Guard" series. ―Rani Raniis a femalelion. Make the lion guard season 4. However, she can be quite short-tempered and moody, assuming things before thinking it through and sometimes let her emotions got the better of her, a lesson which s… September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 5, 2019. There will be 3-4 seasons. [3], On September 4th 2018, a news article revealed the names of several new characters (Fikiri, Kitendo, Yuki and Chuluun) and a voice actor for Askari. This is also the only season to air all episodes in under a month (excluding television air dates), making it the fastest season to be aired for the show. Inside is Queen Janna lying around. The start of the episode starts with King Kion and Queen Rani are done roaring. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The River of Patience. It will also deal with Kion's struggle as his deepest fear begins to come true which is turning evil like his great-uncle Scar did. During the first fight with Makucha's army, Rani appeared to be gazing in admiration at Kion after he attacked Makucha. The top of her ears are lined with a similar brown, and her pink inner ears have dark brown fur underneath. As seen on a screenshot (taken from Episode 17) behind him, this also confirmed that Kion will be slightly aging up in the whole series.[7]. She and her Night Pride had to fight him several times. This is the only season to have all episodes air on DisneyNOW before television. Rani is a female lion. On 18th July 2019, the first screenshot appeared, showing an aged Lion Guard joined by Makini and Anga. The lasting nine episodes are yet to be broadcasted sometime next year, in 2020, maybe in the springtime. [6], On 13th April 2019, Gary Anthony Williams announced that he was once again recording his lines as Mufasa, confirming the former King's return. Then Rani said "Of course not!" Rani hates Fahari and Jiona since they tried to attack the Tree of Life. Rani is a slender lioness, with chestnut brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. When Kion and his Lion Guard attempt to enter the Tree of Life to seek healing, Rani and the Night Pride prevent them from doing so.

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