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All I am doing is servicing UPS customers and making “no money”. The more they treatened and intimidated you if you resisted. UPS complaints contacts. So Remember that……”. There sure a lot of disgruntled store owners who have nobody to blame but themselves. I lost QVC returns, Landsend returns, Home Shopping Network returns, Cabelas, LLBean, and then all kinds of smaller companies began printing their own return labels. Employee sent me the job by, email without even looking to see if copied ok. When I started my store, I only had about 20 percent drop offs ( these are pre-paid shipments) then in more recent years that numbered had skyrocketed to 80 percent!!! He or… avoid the one in galesburg illinois on main street! If a franchise owner is saying he is doing really good, I would bet he is lying. The last straw for me was when they told me to take down the American flag that I had displayed in my store...shame on you UPS! Do not invest in this franchise or you will pay a heavy price. However, to be thorough, my wife and I decided to check out reviews from other UPS Store franchise owners online. Lets not forget about the Used car salesman that they call area franchisees, these 23 consecutive years of growth? I would look at customer reviews of a particular sure before applying. The most advanced technology - The UPS Store franchising network utilizes one of the most innovative and highly developed digital information systems in the world. They opened way too many stores that have to now compete with each other! To make matters worse, when I complained about having, to return to ups store, Store Manager refused to make it, right. I am completely disgusted with the UPS Store located on Congress Ave in WPB Florida. Follow UPS You can’t say you make much in shipping, as drop offs far surpass the # of shipping customers who actually pay the store directly. I was told there would be no change in the business model. (UPDATED February 1, 2020) Although much of the business world lives online in the brave new digital era of the 21st century, there are still plenty of brick-and-mortar stores out there in the real world, and they still need signs as they have for centuries. ?”), the “customer” returning to the store to ask me why something they dropped off didn’t get delivered, etc. I even signed my FOC as a Mail Box Etc. Then when my store was to be built out and the order placed for the fixtures and equpment, I was told there would be no more Mail Box Etc built. You could easily buy it elsewhere for way less. UPS acted as thugs. Don’t Trust it……… They will tell you there is money to be made in printing and other services and that is all a BIG, HUGE, FAT PIPE DREAM!!! Getting in a franchise is like to dig your own grave with your own money. The health and safety of our customers and franchise network is of paramount importance. Honestly, thanks to all of you for sharing your painful experiences w/ the rest of us. But then, when you have no idea how you’ll pay the rent each month, or how you’ll cover the money that UPS autodrafts constantly out of your bank account on various dates each month, when there’s no money left for them to take, the stress level is through the roof. Required fields are marked *. When I first began I did my due diligence as I thought I was buying a Mail Boxes Etc. Description UPS Franchise Owners Contact List., I wanted to hear from Franchisee’s about UPS store. Trust me unless you want to shell out several hundred thousand dollars to obtain a super store you will barely get by. We’ve handled several franchisees who need to get out of their particular franchise hell, and we’ve successfully fought back on behalf of our clients. HappyTUPSSowner- So UPS was making out at your expense. Every year fewer and fewer would come into the store and spend money. Manager wanted me to wait till that employee, returned from a 1.5 hr lunch. We were driven to all the top performing stores and were duped into thinking this will be us. In early September 2018, The UPS Store launched a new national advertising campaign to demonstrate the full range of products and services The UPS Store locations offer beyond packing and shipping. NEVER going back there again, will mail through the PO. In fact, we have to pay royalties back to them on the small amounts they do pay us. It is inconceivable that they charge a royalty on total sales when they give you only 40%. I have been a franchisee for the past 6 years. Every day I wondered “why am I here?”. They take more and more from us every day. I signed my lease as a Mail Box Etc. Bill and Sue Robertson are easing their way toward retirement. It wasn’t like owning your own business at all. Or sell the store.. July 14, 2016 at 9:45 pm The corporate team is out of touch and make lame excuses. DICKEY’S BARBECUE PIT: Will Dickey’s Survive COVID-19 Coronavirus? How is it possible that this business remain in business??? Second, when finding out that these po boxes are not recognized by the county as a valid PO box the answer from the manager was “we don’t care”. Selling is not an option either considering that the banks are simply not lending. ?not to Canada but to Mexico and you can only do it directly via UPS). The UPS Store business model doesn’t work unless you can buy multiple stores and consolidate your overhead. re-copied job, again without looking at it, and emailed it. We do all of the work that UPS is supposed to do, like deliver packages to residences instead of my store, so that they can lay off more drivers and pay us next to nothing. Be an independent pack and ship or go with one of the other models that support Fedex and other carriers. The UPS Store Media Relations Inquiries from members of the press only Phone: (858) 455-8846 or (858) 642-7968 Email: Until you’ve walked in the shoes of a UPS Store owner who is defeated, warn out, who’s tried everything possible to survive and keep their doors open, you have some nerve leaving those comments. Then try and sell the business – no one wanted to buy such a business even when you showed a profit. Would like to know if anyone knows about franchise FEDEX Kinko’s store? But its sad when you can’t make money shipping when you are a UPS store. Now it's…, Coming back in 2 years later. That is PURE TRUTH!! THE UPS STORE: How Much Do UPS Store Franchise Owners Make? Additionally, UPS will be implementing a program whereby people will be able to have things shipped to our stores, again for a pittance, and at the expense of our mailbox holders. The drivers and Franchisee’s I see are great hard working slaves to the company, For those UPS Store owners who making $$$$$ good on you; those owners have reason to complaint and feel like they have been abused my Giant Company UPS! Initial Investment: $167,825 - $353,580Net Worth Requirement: $150,000Liquid Cash Requirement: $60,000 - $100,000Initial Franchise Fee: $29,950Ongoing Royalty Fee: 8.5%Ad Royalty Fee: 2.5%. go out to staples he is a real dick…. [UPDATED], DELI DELICIOUS Bakersfield Locations Closed as Franchise Chain Declines. So you had to know what you were looking for. I do not even know where to begin, so I will just make a few major points why UPS is a terrible franchise: 1) Shipping is where you make most of your revenues. This business started out promising, but has become a complete scam with our VENDOR (UPS) becoming our franchisor. They wanted your advice, but they figured out it was cheaper to ship on-line and by pass you. I did own a UPS store for several years and I would highly recommend you avoid this company!!!! They never wanted to wait in line and would constantly come to the front of the line and interrupt you while you were waiting on a genuine “paying” customer. In the beginning of my store’s life cycle, things were pretty good. I feel sorry for the next owner. The Saxophone was set to arrive somewhere around Monday, 11/24/2019, but it never arrived. : 1-800-PICK-UPS. They opened their second store in the same small town in Ohio in 1997.Fast forward to today. Here are the problems with the franchise…. Is GARAGE FORCE Hiding Franchise Failures? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Don’t give into them! I’ll use my in vestment elsewhere. – Michael Riggins. Are THE UPS STORE Franchise Owners Cheating UPS Customers? Three years later UPS’s chief rival in private shipping, Federal Express (FedEx), acquired Kinkos, arguably the leading brand in printing and other general business services, creating Fedex/Kinkos, which ultimately was rebranded as simply FedEx Office. I owned a UPS Store and I also made no money. Mail Box Etc had a favorable business model and the stores made money. re ups store, florin mall, copy-scan-email job problem, Store employee tried to help me, however he botched a, simple copy and scan to pdf job. Every day I look at the numbers and want to cry. Is a Franchise the Right Business for You? English proficiency is a requirement for franchise ownership, and applicants may be required to take and pass an English proficiency exam. 2020 UPS Store Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD/UFOC) contains detailed information for prospective franchisees. He does not favor franchisees and is a pro-franchise person. We continue to get threatening letters with no action. So the 8.5% royalty is really 17% and that is nuts! There are already businesses dedicated to this service and you cannot compete. I will be honest: I hope I can sell this store SOON. So, the cost went up, and our retail sales rate went up, but our revenue is 9K less…Even if we were keeping up with last years sales numbers we would still be at a 10% loss. I know periodically many…, As an exemployee of this company I tell you don’t…, Another thing we don’t know about that churn rate…, FDD is at…, Not sure where the 392 number is from. Your email address will not be published. It only took a couple of years to realize it was more than a name change and my store would never make the kind of money I was told about. The UPS Store locations are owned and operated by franchisees of The UPS Store, Inc. Pricing, services and hours of operation vary by location. I am store owner for so many years…..everytime we feel that our store or business is moving forward UPS/MBE came up with some brilliant ideas (just LIKE ” NO LEFT TURN POLICY”, LOL). Every year I lost more and more shipping to UPS, while I continued to grow only one profit center – DROP OFFS!! The customers that came in for drop offs wanted free tape and to waste your time with all of their questions – “how do I fill out the return form?”, “when will my package arrive?”, “when will I get my credit?”, “where does the label go?”, “is this package taped good enough?”, and on and on. CUPPY’S COFFEE Franchise Press Release – Buyer Beware! Watch UPS. Don’t get me wrong, I print a lot…I mean a lot. OK, if you shipped $20,000 in packages you have to pay the UPS 50-60% of that in your next bill so you never earned that money. Ryan Lineham, Director of Client Services Since we are more than 6 years old I have to re-carpet the entire store (8K), my computers are now no longer supported either and would require an upgrade, (another 4500). Davidovich NYC Bagel & Sandwich Shop: Newest Franchise Partner of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS, Tariq Farid Franchise Complaints, DELI DELICIOUS The Final Days: A Hitler Rant Parody, DELI DELICIOUS Stockton CA Franchise Closes; Franchisor Takes Over Two More, NY BAGEL CAFÉ Franchise: How Many Have Closed? Since The UPS Stores are considered “Essential Services” across Canada, they remain open but like most businesses, their operations may be financially impacted. From 2001 to 2003, the UPS Store franchise acquired Mail Boxes Etc. He simply, did not care. I know that people hate going to lawyers, but they may save you from YOURSELF! You ended up paying another 8.5% royalties which was 17% of the amount you made. UPS Europe Avenue Ariane 5 1200 Brussels, Belgium Europe. 2)UPS continues to force you to upgrade and buy things all the time and this adds on thousands of dollars every year. So later, when people came to our store alone and asked about the franchise… we told them the truth and they ran for the hills! I couldn’t afford to hire help, except for one part time person. Even without the insurance it was double. It’s like he picked this number out of his head. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages per day to more than 7.9 million customers in more than 220 countries and territories around the world. It truly is not the disgruntled owners that are to blame. Are there any The UPS Store Franchisees in Canada and/or the United States who might be able to weigh in with some more recent experiences of whether or not owing a The UPS Store is a good investment at the present time? Franchisees of The UPS Store are entitled to numerous products and services such as Shipping and Packing, Mailbox and Postal Services, Copying, Finishing & Printing, Packaging and Moving Supplies, and Business Services that include fax, notary, and office supplies. Any local or even national competitors who want to be successful in that industry know how high the bar is, and that benefits consumers everywhere. Have been going to the UPS Store at 1385 Hwy 35, Middletown, NJ for years and this year it cost more thabn double to mail the same type of packages. She even told the agent that she had a house account at the UPS store. Any honest advise and/or recommendations from current and/or past The UPS Store Franchisees would be sincerely appreciated. When did they become so expensive? 805 Miami, FL 33122 USA Deb you and the others are correct as to the Nazi style practices of UPS which by the way are dictated by Wall St…any Franchise with a Wall St corporate overlord will suffer the same fate you did, try reading and comprehending the new Franchise agreements. If I hit the 8th year I have to completly recabinet the entire store too (10,000). He makes money out of the franchise system. YOU CAN’T MAKE ANY MONEY WITH A UPS STORE!! You are FORCED to buy overpriced equipment from the home office. The real question is…what is your profit? We upgraded Former Store Owner’s comment to a full post: The UPS Store, Inc. is a UPS© company. It's a franchise so your experience depends on the owner of that particular store. There is no way I’m keeping that appointment after reading this. Moreso as I mentioned my event on a local, chatroom, and everyone said I should complain in writing. Franchisees of The UPS Store are entitled to numerous products and services such as Shipping and Packing, Mailbox and Postal Services, Copying, Finishing & Printing, Packaging, and Moving Supplies, and Business Services that include fax, notary, and office supplies. One of the best ways to thoroughly research a franchise or business opportunity investment before purchasing one is to get feedback from current and former franchisees involved in the franchise system. After 10 years, to renew my franchise agreement they wanted 80-90,000 for upgrades. After all the fees and there are many…no matter how high the sales numbers may go, the fees from UPS corporate rise right up right along with them…and siphen the store owners profitability. Just curious. I am thinking I can get other people I know who have web based businesses to ship through my ups store. For example, take this classic underhanded technique currently utilized by UPS: It is clear that the damage happened on UPS’ watch – not the local store. I finally walked away! Good luck, Thank you all the honest comments from the UPS store owners & workers.I was about to invest and purchase 3 franchises which I will definitely not even think about now. It is just easier to shut the doors, strike a flare and walk away…..My best advice, If you have the chance to buy a UPS store…..Don’t. Hanh uses the name and reputation of UPS to enrich herself but not keep to the ethical business standards required by this Franchise. The UPS Store Customer Service US retail The UPS Store locations Phone: (800) 789-4623 Mon - Fri, 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PT . There’s No Such Thing, 18/8 Eighteen Eight Fine Men’s Salons Franchise Warning. I will never use any UPS product or service again in my life. But OMG!!! Franchisee Lawsuit Says Yes. Before this year I never had a month that was not up compared to the same month the previous year. Worst mistake I ever made. Once you learn their processes and procedures there is plenty of additional money to be made. I am trying so hard to sell mailbox rentals now. People have every right to get pisssed off by this kind of business practice. Plus I have to do all kinds of stupid stuff like money orders and greeting cards, just in the hopes of getting people in the door who MIGHT rent a mailbox. There is no doubt that franchisees will immediately enjoy the public trust and the established familiarity of a nationally recognized brand, but do the pros of owning a UPS Store franchise outweigh one very important and major con? I know a mid level UPS manager (company man 35+ yrs) who was partially in charge of revamping the whole Franchisee system and his (UPS) routine was to put full blame on the struggling Franchisee’s, he also admitted the only Franchisee’s that would make any kind of a decent living had to own multiple stores… Many owners that do OK only get about $40,000 a year. After returning the keys the owner told me that I owe him$28.00 for a month and half and that he was reporting me to a credit agency. What’s your center number? Don Daszkowski wrote for The Balance Small Business. MAC TOOLS Distributor Problems – Your Input Invited, Franchise Ownership? Dickey's 20…, REVIVE ENERGY MINTS Vending Fraud Victim Liz Speaks Out, CUPPY’S COFFEE: Lawsuits Filed v. Cuppy’s, Elite Manufacturing, Attorney Cary Ichter: There is No Federal Franchise Regulation, THE UPS STORE Franchise Warning: It’s a Scam Claims Franchisee, THE UPS STORE Franchise Owners Lose MBE Lawsuit : Unhappy Franchisee,, POSTALANNEX+ Franchise Complaints : Unhappy Franchisee. Are there any UPS Store owners out there who have actually had “legal action” taken against them due to non-compliances?? 75% of outgoing packages in any given day were paid driectly to the carrier. A franchise is offered only by delivery of a Franchise Disclosure Document in compliance with the federal trade commission's rule on franchising and various state franchise sales laws. Follow UPS. The drop offs just keep increasing, and the packing income keeps dropping. If I added the PACE recommendation for add on’s to shipping (like $2.00 for every $100 of insurance – while UPS only charged .40 cents) our shipping became very expensive and customers would print their own labels on-line and then drop them at my store where I received a $1.10 per package instead of $10.00 or $25.00. The rules were crazy and Nazi like.They had control over every aspect of your business. Little did we know that few stores make that much. I’d say about 2004 was when things started to take a turn for the worse. So here’s to all those struggling UPS Store Owners….” Hang in There…..and get out of this business…fast. But what I also understand, is how DEVASTATING the experience is, when all you wanted to do is own your own business, make some money, and enjoy working with your customers each day. Most of the quote un-quote customers that come into the store think they are store customers, when they’re shipping pre labelled packages…but they’re actually a UPS customer, and the store makes close to nothing on these prepaid packages. Opportunist/investor -William says: I’m sure, for one moment thinking as a customer, (and being the devils advocate) can understand frustration when it comes to lack of customer service, and how people can be dissatisfied with not being treated how they feel is appropriate when they are coming into a business and spending their hard earned money there. HAVE YOU HAD DEALINGS WITH THE UPS STORE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY? UPS continues to steal the store’s shipping customers…and that’s a known fact. The retail shipping business is dead. UPS Store Franchise Review, Information and Costs. You are FORCED to obtain color copiers where you lose money each month. I also have been very happy with my franchise. So what it boils down to is simple buyer beware and o nothing that can have major impact on your financial well being aand that requires major cash outlay without speaking to your attorney. The health and safety of our customers and franchise network is of paramount importance. With that corporate union, The UPS Store was born. Unless you’ve owned a UPS Store and been taken advantage of by the Franchisor UPS, who not only financially rapes every store owner with fees upon fees, upon fees, but makes it impossible for a store to make ANY money at all, would you even have a right to an opinion. I had already made up my mind, deciding not to, after my interviews with existing franchise owners and my meeting with the couple whose store we had been interested in purchasing. What You Need to Know When Opening a Pizza Hut Franchise, Things You Need to Know About a Franchise, Learn About the Costs of Owning a Domino's Pizza Franchise, Here's What to Know About the Costs of Buying a 7-Eleven Franchise, The Balance Small Business is part of the, In-house financing available for equipment, inventory, and start-up costs. I actually have an appointment w/ the consultant to open a store next week. I remember visiting the area stores and being allowed to ask questions with the area guy standing right there listening. SUBWAY: What Do Franchisees Make on $5 Footlongs? UPS then contacts that customer and offers them a slight discount per shipment in order to start an account directly with UPS, bypassing the the UPS Store completely. That was in March, 2003. UPS IS CURRENTLY RANKED #4 IN THE FRANCHISE 500 - ARE YOU CERTAIN YOU CAN TRUST INDUSTRY REVIEWS? So what is the response from our franchisor? ARE UPS STORE OWNERS DECEPTIVE IN SELLING THEIR BUSINESSES? Shipments are the bulk of your business income. 1,082 The UPS Store reviews. The stores lost QVC returns to a first class third party mail vendor costing me at least 15K in annual shipping. This technology enables UPS franchisees to deliver more than 13 million documents, pieces of mail, and packages every day. The UPS Store is a VERY successful business. Call Customer Care on 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®) Email Customer Services on Was also charged $15 for packaging, never done before, and the kid behind the counter didn’t even weigh the packages to be sent. However, the brand awareness of even an industry leader such as Mail Boxes, Etc. We were considering purchasing an existing under-performing The UPS Store located in Canada in 2020 which has been in operation in a Downtown Location for over 6 years before the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis hit. UPS Store Franchise Articles: FRANCHISE DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT FDD: The UPS Store 2015 – Free Download. Can you explain a littl…, I told Griffiths this would be my brand. 60K per month is terrific, but also very unusual. It beat the alternative. People came in the store thinking I was a UPS office and wanted all of their claims, complaints, etc handled. We have no choice but to accept these packages, yet the program is ironically called “My Choice”. My life’s saving is gone, and we are running out of rope. UPS will attempt to notify the sender with details of the damage”. They were always monitoring you – they said to see where improveement was needed. I’m a very successful experienced franchisee looking for opportunities but a UPS Store in Montana is no win situation. What used to be thousands in shipping is now another drop off. I own an independent pack and ship store and feel the pain of the UPS store owners. And that I could not start an investigation – it had to be started by the local UPS Store. HappyTUPSSowner: Those have been your sales. I found this website while searching for information about UPS business practices. Frankly I find it hard to belive that anyone would sign a franchise agreement without having their lawyers check it out. I will look elsewhere to invest my retirement savings. Royalties were 8.5% of the total price – not on what you made, but the entire amount of what you sold. All of those that are not UPS Stores. Nevertheless, UPS continues to aggressively market its franchise opportunity. Frankly I find it hard to believe that anyone would sign a contract with that type of situation. You will have some Store Owners tell you that you can make money but they are saying it so they can sell their business and not have any bad info out there on the street. First off, I have no doubt of it that the positive reviews are UPS plants. You really only took in say $10,000. There are no Fedex/Kinko franchises. Just the name UPS would bring volumes of business from name recognition! The lead was provided by my UPS driver based on the high volume of boxes picked up at my store from the same shipper. What action is taken? Nothing but the liability, the customer questions, the customer expectation to use my supplies for free (“What? The amount of prepaid packages, which we are paid a pittance for, began increasing at the expense of packages that were actually paid and shipped through our stores at an alarming rate. Do you realize what all this equipment and software costs us, or how ferocious the competition is? The nightmare continued with the printing. We would have been sitting ducks without you. We have come across the “Unhappy Franchisee” site and reviewed some of the Comments which are mostly from The UPS Stores Franchisees in the United States. 3) UPS steals your customers and gives them personal private accounts. Fees were crazy $400/ month for Co-op advertising, $1200 per year (after tax) for technolgy fees, and you were forced to buy your equipment and upgrades through them at ridiculous prices, when you could find the same item for a lot less elsewhere. BTW I never received one piece of mail within the box. I can ASSURE you that all business owner would always want to be successful and make a good $$$$. Pingback: Franchisees : Unhappy Franchisee, Pingback: THE UPS STORE Franchise Owners Lose MBE Lawsuit : Unhappy Franchisee, The UPS store in Cape Girardeau Missour- is the biggest rip-off to all customers. Try running your business! As a result of Canada and its Provinces declaring “States of Emergency” with only “Essential Services” being able to operate, we have decided to put our investment decision in a The UPS Store on hold for the indefinite future. I’ve heard enough. We will notify the sender with details. But the customer would want YOU to tape their box.. for FREE! Then he. The store is poorly handled by the owner-he does not have clue how to run a business and he is no help to customers. can pale in comparison to a brand that is synonymous with an actual color (“What Can Brown Do For You?”). It seems like I’m better off staying on my job than going into this business model. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I’ve been in this system since before there were The UPS Stores, as a Mailboxes, etc. UPS owns the shipping program iShip, which most, if not all UPS Stores use to process packages. And I find it hard to belive that any lawyer would recommend that his client sign a contract that promises to steal almost everything that you make. Jobs. At this time, The UPS Store retail locations in Canada are open and operating on regular hours in almost all locations but may be limiting the number of customers permitted in store to follow social distancing protocols. My store pulls in $60k a month! This is my sincerest appreciation. “I hired the BEST CPA in the Land who investigated an existing supposedly successful UPS Store with sales of over $300,000.00. Founded in 1980, Mail Boxes, Etc. From copying and printing, to notarizing and shredding, the new ca… When I got home, I, saw totally black unreadable pages, interspersed with, clear readable pages. Hello Anyone: My husband and I are looking at a lo…, Yes, totally a scam. Manager refused to consider my inconvenience and time, wasted. What Makes Owning a UPS Store Franchise Location so Appealing? 7-Eleven Franchisees Are Not Business Owners: NCASEF, GOLDEN CORRAL Wealth-loss Diet: Franchisee Loses $3M in 51 Days, School of Rock Names Rob Price CEO Amid Dzana Homan Controversy.

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